Friday, October 20, 2006


Welcome Francisco Javier Nachon-leon

lets hope you win big soon
you were asking why do you only have 5 numbers for the euro
I hope this page from VWD explains it

you only have 5 numbers because each member of your syndicate
has all the other combinations for the star numbers
Hence you only need ONE number to win a prize
tho do note its divided out between the other members of the syndicate

have a look at the demo here
which explains it better than me.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Welcome Victoria Hammond

Welcome Victoria who is an affilate
if you wish to join Victoria's business
just click here
best of luck Victoria

Monday, September 04, 2006


Welcome Svetlana Majorova

who joins from Norway as an affiliate
If you wish to join Svetlana's team from Norway
simply click here

Wishing you all the best in winnings

Total Group Lotto winnings are now at £87.55
the Euro at £47.01
Total £134.56
Its growing!
slowly but growing and thats fine by me.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Welcome Timothy Carrington

To elottery who joins playing the Lotto as an affiliate
which means you get a free go on wednesday and saturday
to win that £1,000 on the 'grab a grand' game.
Tim lives in Scarborough on the East coast of Yorkshire
If you wish to join Tim his website is here

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Welcome Wayne Jones

Who joins playing the Euro. Yes you dont have to play the lotto only, you can play the euro only. tho you do get less games as its only one game a week.
as a quick comparison, i've so far had in the same period of time 6 wins of the 19p kind and one £2.71 on the Euro. and the lotto. 4 wins of 82p and 3 of £12 odd. (since april). this is with one ticket in each.
again personally this total tho it dont seem massive, is far more than i've ever won by playing it 'straight' and or course one benefit. playing for free helps a bit!
still waiting for the jackpot tho.

Welcome Wayne, hope you win soon.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Welcome Tim Riley

who is a player playing both the lotto and the euro
lets win soon eh?

Saturday, July 29, 2006



Well this is supposed to be a diary for real life progress and not hype and ads, but clearly 'im gonna put links in like Win £1,000 for free because i actually like this opportunity. why so negative, well i've just lost two members who have not yet seen the light, they were only players tho, and winning the lottery is by no means easy by any means whatsoever. i might put the actual odds up for interest one day.

what happens with e-lottery to ME
is that it doesn't sort of change the odds or (to me) put them in your favour. what it does (again to me) is make it more probable of you winning.
like this...
in the last (hang on actual figures here!) 34 lotto games i've won 4 times being 82p, £12.78, £12.47 and £13.57
nope bad example
this ones better the euro
what happens with this system with the euro is you get a lot of winnings of about 16p - 20p and in the lotto some small winnings like above for 82p
what has happened in my mind is that it's made the winnings more often but smaller
so instead of winning £10 on the lotto once every 54 games (thats about the odds) you're going to umm sort of get your Tenner in instalments.

when we start talking about Jackpots, it means that instead of the usual odds of winning 2 million once every 16 lifetimes (whatever it is) your far more likely to win £10,000 to £30,000 this lifetime.
see what i mean?
instead of winning a tenner once every 54 games, its gonna be more smaller prizes,
instead of one massive jackpot that might not ever happen it's winning a few grand that is far more likely to happen.
either way, if you have 5 people join you, (which i've clearly done ages ago) and in't that hard really, then you're playing for free anyway, so it dont that much matter
play the lotto for free
Now That just Has to be an excellent idea, yes?

Thursday, July 13, 2006


SPV, PV, BV etc.

One more benifit with elottery!
Was just then looking at another program
and it reminded me of just how complicated network marketing can become
recalling days of amway, kleeneze, everyday essentials

With all the PV's SPV's and goodness knows what
and you've no idea of what or how much you're earning
after the SPV changed into PV and with the SV and what not

With elottery its dead simple!
Its £1 front line and 25 the rest.
thats it!
Click Here to join us

Oh and i'm a Group Affiliate now, thats good! its progress!



thats another win personally of £13.57 must be a bit of a roll, and the groups total winnings are now at £73.03.

One thing that makes elottery different from any other network out there is the TAX MAN!
as half the business is about winning amounts on the lottery which are TAX FREE!

So if you like, the tax man is helping you play the lottery. . .

After you've built your buiness and have 8 lottery syndicate cards, thats a lot of entries into the lottery, all for free, and all winnings tax free.

In any (as far as i'm aware) other network, profit will eventually be taxed.
but a major part of elotterys affilates income will be from the lottery itself, which is by law
tax free.

good eh!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Welcome Anne Stenham

welcome to Anne to elottery
who's website is
click here for Anne's website

Friday, July 07, 2006


Welcome Phil Blanchard

To the team wishing you every success.

team winnings now £57.82, slowly but surly UP!

p.s. dont forget a member or not you can still enter into the "Win A Grand" twice a week.
as a member you can everyweek forever, but as a non member you can still enter in for at least 3 times more info Here

Monday, July 03, 2006


More Wins

Well that was quick another (personal) win of £12,47 on the lotto.
Total group winnings now £54.66

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Welcome to Kim Horsnell

Welcome to the team Kin Horsnell, from the UK who's playing both Euro and the Lotto. Lets hope you win soon to get off to a good start

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Oh Dear!

3 weeks of hard work and not one sign up. Remeinds me of what all MLM and Network marketing guys always say. which is "its a 2 to 5 year plan". they all 2-5 years. Think about it tho, 2-5 years to earn either an obsence income or at least a good second one what after that time will grow expontentially. with the elottery at least you can see it growning each month, unfortunately not this month it seems. Problem is we all want it now!
Compared to the other networks ive been in, where 2 signups almost double your income this one grows bit by bit. tho before people can wait years to get those 2 signups, with this at least, you can see a slow but steady growth.

Stolen from my old amways days (thanks for the training amway), network marketing is like sending a rocket to the moon (and in all physics also) which is that it takes 95% of the energy to get the think off the ground, once the 'thing' is traveling it will almost go by itself. So plod on i will.
care to join me? more info

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Get out of debt BY playing the UK National Lottery!

Get out of debt BY playing the UK National Lottery!: Total Group winnings to date are £34.54. UK lotto £32.12 and euro£2.42. Theres more winnings on the Euro but smaller prizes and fewer prizes on the lotto but bigger prizes. not everybody plays the Euro tho.
Watch this Group value increase!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Well bought another 'wad' of leads from vwd
one thing you can say about this biz is that if you dont know how to advertise, create traffic, do splash pages or otherwise get your e-lottery message out, you can always go the there site and buy a load of leads and sit back.
So you could simply sign up, and buy leads and your business would grow. One's cash intensive and no work, but seems to me would pay off in the end. The others work intensive and free.
more info as usual

Monday, June 12, 2006


Current Members and players

Members so far are:-
John Bethell
John lives 'over there' in France so if you're french or live in France I'd suggest joining John
Chris Dunn
Barry Bryan
and David Chapman
Current Players are
Samantha Treize, Michelle Bothma, and Tracey Farmer
Feel free to join any of us!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


First decent win

First decent win many 16p's to 82's
but this is the first £12.78 win
not bad for what is nearly a free entry
it's not free yet but getting closer

care to join me?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


What only 16p!

One problem with e-lottery is the small prizes (yep we say it all here! it is like it is!!)
Often as low as 82p for the lotto and 16p for the euro.
Well I’m fortunate here in that I do actually work on a lottery terminal

The key word in "often as low as 16p" is the word "often"
As with even only one ticket (you get more free entries as your business grows)
That humble 16p is normally about at least once every 4 weeks
or better put chances are you're gonna win something every 4 weeks
and with both tickets the lotto and the euro will be more.
(Waiting for the big one or reasonable one).

My experience from working on a lottery terminal is that
In the "normal" lotto, many many people can go for years without winning a dime

So now you see that that 16p 'drip feed' winnings is far better than it actually is

I think most people don't really understand the odds here.
Your chances of winning a tenner on the lottery are

57-1 (approx)

What does that mean?
Well it means that if you bought a ticket for £1 every week
That it would take you 57 weeks before you stood a good chance of winning £10
i.e. if there are 52 weeks in a year, it means then winning one tenner
Once a year would be optimistic.

Now do you see why winning A prize every 3-4 weeks is good?

Of course if you 'play the system' and introduce people to your team
(I’m glad to help) you will be playing for free anyway
Not only that but as your team grows you get more free tickets
As you can no doubt now see it is quite true that some people
win every week and for free
As usual
Visit my web site for more details
If you care to join me

Monday, June 05, 2006



Now standing at 4 affiliates and 3 players


Climb the mountain

for mlm's what seems to be the only way of making a living these days!
e-lottery ( seems like its walking up a mountain
to the top.
most mlm's and now i'm thinking of a past catalouge company
was like a lot of hard work and 1 year later somebody actually joins you.
and your pay rises in a chunk.
then maybe a year later somebody else joins you or joins the person
that has joined you and you move up in another chunk.

with the e-lottery its a bit more line walking up a mountain
with a reasonable amount of effort people will join you on quite a regular basis
so you see progress every month (well i do)

Two sides to the placement of affiliates tho
if they join directly under you the company pays you £1 if they join
the UK lotto or Euro
and £2 if they join both
however it seems to me that the way to progress
is to help those that have joined you.
hence placing new players or affiliates under those already existing
which means that the company pays you 25p or 50p

i think that that is the way to riches!

like the old proverb
which would you like £300 a week or £1 a week with a rise of £1 a week

Monday, May 29, 2006


The Start

well it's now week 44 its and it started around 9-4-06
First it is easy to have downlines join by simply 'buying vwd leads'
but naturally i'm using many other advertising method
which i'm sorry to say i'll not post here!
tho will to the people that join me.
fare yes?

so in here they are simply going to be given letters
sos folks

so to date
there are 5 members in the team
3 affiliates and 2 players
but when this blog is finished those numbers are going to be 2000
like i say, this blog is how it was done (will be done)


catalogue companies etc.

well the elottery path start with the 'demise' of Everyday Essentials.
the MLM path started years ago back in some 1970 odd, with the famous/natorious? amway.
throgh umm other companies, to ummm a major catalouge company that i simply couldn't get to pay, i'm sure others have and indeed can. but me and my partner sure couldn't.
then emerged Everyday essentials which was about to pay. but it itself died!
enter e-lottery
this is the story of that from start to finish.


from £5 to £5000 a month with elottery!

This is the personal Blog of Chris White as he goes from not earning anything with elottery to 4 downlines of 500 people hence earning quite a lot.

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